The Etiquette of Bringing Your Dog to a Pub

Ah, the pub! That hallowed Aussie institution where mates gather for a cold one and a good yarn. It’s no secret that many of us consider our four-legged friends part of the crew. So why shouldn’t they get to join in the fun, right? But hold your horses—or should we say, ‘paws’?

Bringing your doggo to the pub isn’t just about waltzing in; it involves a bit of know-how and decorum. So, sit back, crack a tinny, and let’s get into the nitty-gritty of bringing your canine companion to the pub.

Know the Pub’s Policy

Check Ahead of Time

Before you leash up Fido and head out the door, make sure the pub you’re planning to visit is dog-friendly. A quick phone call or a scan through their website can save you a lot of hassle. Even establishments that welcome pets often have specific areas designated for our furry mates.

Understand the House Rules

Dog-friendly doesn’t mean ‘anything goes.’ Pubs often have their set of rules for pets, such as keeping them on a leash, staying in designated areas, or even specific times when pets are allowed. Be respectful and adhere to these guidelines; they’re there for a reason.

Prepping Your Pooch

Basic Training

If you’re going to bring your dog to a social setting like a pub, they need to be well-behaved. Basic commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘come’ are essential. If your pooch tends to get a bit overexcited, it might be best to stick to dog parks until they’re ready for the pub scene.

Health and Hygiene

No one wants to sit next to a stinky dog or, worse, one that’s carrying fleas. Ensure your pet is clean and up-to-date with their vaccinations and treatments for parasites like fleas and ticks.

The Arrival: Making an Entrance

Scouting the Scene

Once you’ve arrived, take a moment to survey the area. Look for a spot that’s comfortable for both you and your pet, ideally away from high-traffic areas like the bar or bathrooms. This minimises disruption and gives your pet a bit of space to settle down.

The Introduction

You wouldn’t just join a group of strangers without a ‘G’day,’ would you? The same applies to your dog. Let them sniff around a bit and get acclimated before you take a seat.

While You’re There: Paws and Manners

Keep Them Leashed

Even if your dog is the epitome of good behaviour, it’s best to keep them leashed. Not everyone is a dog person, and other pets might come in. A leash ensures you have control over your pet at all times.

Bring Your Own Supplies

Think water bowl, treats, and maybe a toy to keep them entertained. While some pubs in Australia like in Queensland, Melbourne and NSW have plenty of dog shops in the area, having your own ensures you’re not caught off guard.

Mind the Volume

A pub is not the place for a dog that can’t resist barking at every passerby. If your pet tends to get vocal, it might be worth reconsidering whether a pub is the best place for them.

Time to Go: The Graceful Exit

Clear Up

Before you leave, take a moment to clean up. If your dog has been munching on treats, make sure you haven’t left crumbs or wrappers behind. And needless to say, if there have been any ‘accidents,’ it’s your job to clean up.

Say Your Goodbyes

A polite ‘Thanks, mate!’ to the staff or anyone who has interacted with your pet leaves a good impression and paves the way for future visits.

Bringing your dog to a pub can be a fantastic social outing for both of you, but only if done correctly. Following these etiquette guidelines ensures everyone has a good time—you, your pet, and your fellow patrons. So next time you’re thinking of a pub crawl, remember that with a bit of planning, there’s no reason your best mate can’t join in on the fun. Cheers to that!

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