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  1. “Article” must be 100% original. Premium Plagiarism should pass. Informational “article” No promotional pieces, please.
  2. “Article Title” should be 70 characters or less (including spaces & special characters).
  3. “Article Body” needs 500 words. Only 500-word articles are accepted. You must give 700+ words to justify infographics.
  4. “Article Content” should match our website. Unrelated articles are discarded.
  5. “Article Body” may have external connections. We can’t promise to post your links. If our moderators approve the links, we’ll post them. If not, delete the links. All links have a No-Follow tag, generally.
  6. If your submitted article’s topic is identical to one of our previously published articles, our moderator may republish the old item with modifications and new content from your article. We’ll add your bio to the article.
  7. You can propose up to 5 Tags/Keywords.
  8. Article body “Images” are suggested. Please don’t exceed 1200 pixels in width. 1200 x 800 pixels is great (width x height). “*.JPEG”, “*.JPG”, “*.PNG” or “*.GIF” are acceptable image formats. Please no animations.
  9. Include “Author Information” such as “Author Name”, “Short Author Bio”, and “Author’s Website URL” with the content. You may send Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connections. Below are guidelines.
  10. “Author Name” shouldn’t exceed 25 characters (including spaces).
  11. “Short Author Bio” should be 50 words or less.
  12. This is a No-Follow link to the author’s website. This link appears in the author’s bio. Please make sure this link isn’t to a drug, CBD, betting, adult, dating, casino, gambling, crypto, forex, illegal, or unethical website. DO NOT include your website URL in keyword-targeted anchor text. Anchor text should be your website or domain name. If our moderator authorizes one of your website links in the article body, we will NOT PUBLISH it in the author profile.
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  14. 14. Send articles in “*.DOC”, “*.DOCX”, “*.TXT” or “*.RTF”

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