How To Get Slim Thick And What You Need To Do!

A buzz phrase is a popular cultural favorite. Over the past year, references to slim thin have appeared all over the internet. TikTok has more than 134 million #slimthicc tags. It has evolved from a mere aesthetic term to being used in gyms and fitness as a reference point for weight loss and strength training. Muscle tone, strength, and physical fitness are all integral parts of the aesthetic.

What is Slim Thick?

First, understand that slimming down is only one of many body trends in media. The media is awash with voluptuous curves, cinched waists, and other feminine body shapes. You see representations of this body shape all day, regardless of whether you are familiar with it. Let’s look at the stalwarts in body shape language and decipher it. Imagine a cross between an hourglass and a pear shape.

Who is Slim Thick?

The pioneer of the slim-thin trend is the first to be called on the list.

Is Slim Thick Good?

Contrary to past body shapes that required women to be thin and slender, slim thick feels refreshing. The emphasis is on toned, healthy thighs and not a gap at the thigh. It also requires a tight waist and a flat stomach. If you don’t have the right body shape, this combination can be difficult to achieve.

Shape Extremes

Let’s not forget, celebrity culture and media representation have a tendency towards the extreme. Remember that different body shapes exist in subtler forms as well when you look at them. It is safer and easier to choose a different body shape trend than a typical caricature. It’s possible for something that looks great on the gram to not look so amazing in real life.

How to Slim and Thin?

Can you really be thin and thick? Everybody is different and not everyone can replicate every body type trend. It may be that your body is too thin or too thick. You can still achieve this body shape if you want.


For a healthy body, a balanced diet that includes real food is essential. Reduce refined sugars and junk foods and focus instead on whole grains and natural proteins.


Incorporate it into a program of glute-focused strength training, cardio, and muscle tone exercises such as yoga or pilates.


It’s more than just exercising. When you can, choose to walk or cycle the active route. Get more water. This is essential for flushing out toxins and keeping your muscles functioning well. It also prevents hunger pangs!

How to use Shapewear

A foundation layer is the best way to create a soft and thin look. It is important to mix and match different functions from shapewear pieces.


Even slim, thick bodies with a flat figures can achieve their appearance by using compression. To refine your waistline and smoothen your hips, use a corset or waist-cinching control shorts.


Not all shapewear has to be about compression. You should choose a pair of shorts that shape your waist and lift your buttocks. This will give you the appearance of a thick, slim look.


Although the emphasis is on the thighs and bums, breasts are an important part of a slim, thick look. You can balance your hips and waist by lifting Triumph bras. You can look slim and confident by finding a control bodysuit that does all of these things.

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