Tips To Gain Competitive Edge in Hiring a Commercial Photographer

Businesses always need to gain a competitive edge, which they can get using professional photographers. It is not an easy task to find a commercial photographer, but even with some best professionals, businesses lack stunning images for multiple reasons.

  • Business owners decide which photographs to capture.
  • You have been hiring a photographer with more than two decades of experience. Unfortunately, the photographer is still not applying the latest technology that appeals to a wider target audience. He is still satisfying loyal customers and is not accepting the fact that times and customers’ preferences are changing. 
  • You hired the best photographer, but the fact is he/she specializes in the wrong photography field. You can end up getting great artsy images that don’t convey your brand message. 

Melbourne-based multi-awarded Lisa Saad is a professional photographer that has worked in a variety of niches. She has created stunning photo shoots, which are revealed in her architectural and illustrative photography including ‘The Anonymous Man’ and Project 11 series. 

As a business owner how to ensure that your commercial photographs convey the core brand message? 

  • Investigate what your competitors are doing about their images. Are their photos great and make you feel envious then identify the reason?
  • Recognize your target audience, understand their lifestyle, their values, and how your product or services can resolve their pain point.
  • What is your unique selling point? What will attract potential consumers to your brand?
  • Do you want your business to look quality or professional or cheap-as-chips?

If you are wondering, how all the above questions are connected with commercial photographs. It means, if you are hiring a photographer, the images need to convey the brand message to your target demographic. With outdated images and pictures that please you or your existing consumers then it will be seen as being outdated. 

With the information mentioned above, you have a summary to discuss with your photographer. It is called pre-planning, which can help Lisa to design the pre-shoot tasks. About Lisa Saad Photographer – she is an award-winning photographer and an entrepreneur. Currently, she runs two photographic businesses from her Melbourne studio. 

The professional photographer will gain insight and can work on capturing photographs that interact visually with potential consumers. Fortunately, your competitor may not be so methodical and this can help to stay ahead with great photographs. Great photographs help to build brand trust and customer loyalty.


Significance of high-quality commercial photographs 

  • First impression matters. Photos are visual assets that represent your brand. High-quality professional photographs tell viewers what your brand’s mission & values are.
  • Buyers’ trust also matters. Offering potential buyers a clear image of your brand. Marketing is tricky but a high-quality photo is proof that displays your product is good both in appearance and quality. 
  • Visual impact matters. Pictures speak a thousand words, which is real. People are always attracted to interesting, unique, and informative stories. So, a business needs to create a compelling brand story to ensure that the photo shoot can attain it efficiently.
  • Brand message matters. The message when integrated into high-quality photographs is easy to understand and pleasing to the eyes encourages the website visitors to read the text. Long texts are not appealing, so including quality photographs helps to break the redundancy. 

The importance of visual content is extremely important. Follow Lisa on Instagram for admiring her quality, customized visual content. 


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