Choose A Perfect Basement Flooring Option For Your Home Renovation

basement flooring

The basement is quite different from the usual flooring in any home. Even in hot summers, basement flooring sheds off residual moisture, forming vapors because of its closeness to the ground. During heavy rains, water may enter your basement, flooding the whole place. So when choosing basement flooring from any one of the experienced flooring companies near you, you need to consider avoiding moisture as well as giving it a beautiful appearance and comfort.

Moisture is the basic factor in any basement flooring. Even if your subfloor is given enough time to dry, it may still ruin your floor. You can test with tape for any moisture by making a plastic square on your subfloor. After a few days, water droplets begin to accumulate on it due to moisture in the ground. 

Qualities Of Good Basement Flooring

· Hard material

· Inorganic materials

· Fewer layers

· Raised subfloor

· DE moisturizing solutions 

List of Best Basement Flooring Options 

· Sheet vinyl flooring

· Ceramic or porcelain tile flooring

· Engineered Wood Flooring

· Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile

· Concrete Flooring

· Plank Tile Flooring

· Wall–to–wall carpeting

· Laminate flooring

· Rubber flooring

· Cork flooring

Most homeowners opt for vinyl planks as they are luxurious and attractive. As they give 100-percent waterproof, they can easily deal with all flooding problems such as septic connections, bathrooms, and more. Its click-in installation method is keeping vinyl flooring the number one among others in the market.

Vinyl flooring options are available if hire a reputed flooring company near you in a variety of designs, formats, and colors. You can even explore the options with Google search for vinyl sheets, vinyl plank and tile, and waterproof solutions for transforming your basement.

Four Top Quality Luxury Vinyl Flooring Choices

Tough-As-Nails Contemporary

  • This is a trendy design on vinyl sheet floorings.
  • You will get a tear, rip, and gauge warranty with a thickness of about 16 mils wear layer

High-End Haven

  • You can create comfort underneath your legs along with a sleek look with this design.
  • It has a rigid core with vinyl tile flooring that has qualities like water-resistant, sound absorption, and warmth.  

Garden Apartment Perfection

  •  You can easily turn out your unused basement into a rental space with vinyl plank tile flooring.
  • This will give you a beautifully designed and wire brushed wood look that attracts renters in an instant.
  • Also, you will have a click-in installing facility to replace any damaged planks.

Basement Wide Beauty

  • This continuous flooring method brings harmony to your large rooms and even makes your small rooms appear spacious.
  • This vinyl sheet flooring is the best option compared to hardwood and it is budget-friendly for your big basements too.

You can get whatever look you want in your home with vinyl flooring. It can give your home real wood look and feel. Also, provides the features like sound insulation, water resistance, and durability for any activity that you and your family can enjoy. Having said that, vinyl has the basement renovation approval seal from many reliable flooring companies near you, so you can easily count on it.


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